How to See Spotify Wrapped 2023

How to See Spotify Wrapped 2023 [Complete Guide]

Every year-end, Spotify comes with personalized playlists that have all your favorite hits from the last 12 months. Yes, we are talking about the Spotify wrapped. Since it arrived in 2016, it has been one of the much-awaited events for most of the music lovers.

And why not it shows a very nice presentation of your top songs, favorite artists, and all the cool stats that you can share with your friends. 

Just like every other year, in 2023 Spotify has also added some new features that further reveal your music taste. 

In this article, we will discuss all those new features and more importantly how you can see your Spotify Wrapped. 

How to See Spotify Wrapped?

Spotify Wrapped comes every year in November or December and is visible directly on Spotify’s home screen. 

However, if you’re still not able to see the Spotify Wrapped. It’s recommended to update the app. 

  • There are many ways to access Spotify wrapped from the app. 
  • But the easiest way is to tap on the Wrapped button next to Podcasts
  • Now tap on the Your 2023 Wrapped banner. 
  • This will open a story card that shows many stats like your top song, top genre, minutes listened to, and much more. 
  • You can also tap on the share this story option to share it on any social platform.
  • Once you reach the Your Top Songs playlist slide. You can tap on Add to Library to save the playlist and listen to it anytime you want. 

The wrapped section usually disappears from the app in January. However, you can always access your Spotify Wrapped playlist all the year. 

Make sure that you only access Spotify using the smartphone app. As the Spotify wrap is not supported on the desktop app, it won’t be visible if you’re using it on a desktop. 

What’s New in Spotify Wrapped 2023?

Spotify Wrapped shows multiple cards like top songs, artists, genres, and podcasts in the form of stories that you’ve listened to throughout the year. 

These wrapped cards are also shareable on different social media platforms.

From the past few years, these cards contain different data like My Top Genres, My Audio Day, My Minute Listened, My Top Songs, My Top Artists, and much more.

However, in 2023 Spotify has come up with some new categories that you look to:

  1. Me in 2023: Spotify has introduced 12 new characters and uses your streaming habits to create a listening personality. You can be one of these characters which includes Vampire, Alchemist, Roboticist, Collector, Hunter, Mastermind, Fanatic, etc. 
  1. Sound Town: Spotify will match you to a city based on your listening data and favorite artist. They can be anywhere around the world. 
  1. Top 5 genres: You can see your top 5 genres in a much more interesting sandwich-inspired design. You can see each genre being one of the fillings of the sandwich. 


As the year comes to an end, Spotify has introduced Spotify wrapped for 2023. And just like every year, music lovers have started sharing their music stats from the past year. 

If you were wondering how you can do the same, we hope this article helped you to find it out. Simply follow through this guide, get to know your music personality, and share it on your socials. 

For more amazing guides, tutorials, and the latest news follow through our blog. 

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