How to Get and Share Spotify Code

Spotify Code: How to Get, Use, and Share [Complete Guide]

Ever wondered how would you share your favorite songs, and playlists on Spotify with your friends? If you haven’t heard about Spotify code yet you may be doing that by sharing the link of songs, artists, and playlists with your friends. 

However, Spotify has its unique feature of sharing songs, and playlists in the form of Spotify codes or QR codes. It’s a very interesting way to send your favorite music to anyone you want with ease. 

In this article, we will see what are these Spotify codes and how you can get and share them. But before that let us introduce you to Spotify codes. 

What is Spotify Code?

A Spotify code is a unique code that can be used for sharing songs, artists, and playlists. It was introduced by Spotify back in 2017. It works similarly to QR codes, although the code doesn’t have any resemblance to them. 

Spotify code looks like a series of music tunes queued one after another. Every song and artist has its own unique Spotify code which helps to identify the song on the platform. 

Once you have the code you can share these with anyone. And they simply have to scan the code from the camera button in the Spotify app. Now, let’s see how you can access and use Spotify code. 

How to Access Spotify Code?

Before sharing these codes, we first have to know how to access them. To access Spotify code open Spotify app and follow these steps. 

  • For sharing a single song, open the song you want to share. Tap on the three dots next to it. From the popup tap on Show Spotify Code. The Spotify code will appear under the song cover 

  • To share an album open the album you want to share and tap on the three dots above the first song. Now again tap on Show Spotify Code to see the code. 

  • To share a playlist open the playlist and tap on the three dots. Now scroll down to Show Spotify code and tap on it to access the code. 

  • To share an artist, open the page of that artist and tap on the three dots next to the follow button. Again select Show Spotify code

How to Share Spotify Code?

The main use of Spotify code is to share music with others. Let’s see how you can share any music, playlist, or album using the Spotify code. 

There are two ways through which you can share these codes. The first one is by scanning the code directly as you access it.

However, in case the one you’re sharing with is not physically present there. You can take a screenshot of the code and send it afterward. To scan the Spotify code follow the steps given. 

  • Open the Spotify app on your smartphone and tap on the Search button.
  • From the search bar tap on the camera icon at the top right corner. 

Now you have two options to scan the code.

  • If you want to scan the code directly then tap on the Scan button and point your camera at the Spotify code
  • If you have a picture of the Spotify code then tap on SELECT FROM PHOTOS, then select the photo that you have saved. 

Once you scan it will redirect you to the desired song, album, or artist. 

So, this is how you share and scan the Spotify code. 


Spotify Code is a great way to share any music, album, or playlist with your friends. By using the Spotify code you can easily access any song without having to search for it. 

Accessing Spotify code is very simple and once you have the code you can scan it through the search toolbar. 

We hope now you know how to get the Spotify codes and share them with others. 

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