Spotify's Response to New Music-Streaming Tax in France

Spotify’s Response to New Music-Streaming Tax in France: A Strategic Shift

The renowned music streaming giant Spotify is set for a strategic shift in its operations in France. This comes as a response to the newly imposed music-streaming tax by the French government, which has sent ripples across the industry.

The New Tax Law

  • Overview: France has recently passed a law imposing a tax contribution of 1.2% on the turnover of streaming services in the country. This law, however, exempts platforms with less than €20 million in turnover.
  • Details of the Tax: The tax is expected to range between 1.5 and 1.75% and is directed at all music-streaming services. The proceeds from this tax are intended to support the Centre National de la Musique (CNM), which was established in 2020 to bolster the French music sector.

Spotify’s Reaction

  • Withdrawal from Music Festivals: As a protest against this tax, Spotify has withdrawn its support from two prominent music festivals in France – Francofolies de La Rochelle and Printemps de Bourges, starting in 2024. These festivals had previously enjoyed financial and resource support from Spotify.
  • Future Actions: Spotify’s Managing Director for France, Antoine Monin, indicated that more actions are expected in 2024, though specifics weren’t detailed.

Broader Context

  • Similar Situations: Spotify previously faced a legal challenge in Uruguay over a law for “fair and equitable” remuneration for artists. They initially threatened to cease operations but later reversed this decision following government assurances.
  • Market Dynamics: The French market, being significantly more extensive, presents different challenges for Spotify. Pulling out is not seen as a viable option. Instead, the company plans to reallocate resources to other markets.
  • Strategic Response: Antoine Monin stated that while Spotify can absorb the tax, it will “disinvest in France” and focus investments in other markets. This decision reflects a broader strategy to prioritize needs, encouraging innovation and investment.


Spotify’s response to the new music-streaming tax in France underscores the company’s commitment to adapt its strategy in the face of regulatory changes. By reallocating resources and adjusting its support for local events, Spotify is navigating the complexities of the global music streaming market while staying true to its core mission of innovation and investment.

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