Spotify adds 'Exclude from your Taste Profile'

Spotify Adds Feature to Exclude Certain Playlists from Your Taste Profile

Spotify, the leading music streaming platform, has recently added a new feature to allow its users to exclude certain playlists from their taste profile. This means that the white background noise you put on to fall asleep, the Kidz Bop that your kids love, and even your occasional country playlist won’t affect your personalized music recommendations.

Spotify creates a unique ‘Taste Profile’ for each user based on their listening habits. It is then used to generate recommendations for new music in playlists like Daily Mixes, Discover Weekly, and others. This new feature allows users to exclude specific playlists from affecting the overall makeup of their taste profile, ensuring that they only receive music recommendations relevant to their personal preferences.

This new feature is a godsend for those who use Spotify to cater to the musical preferences of their entire household. With just a few taps, account owners can now isolate certain playlists and stop them from affecting their overall recommendations.

Here’s how you can easily exclude playlists from your taste profile on Spotify:

  1. Launch the Spotify mobile app or web and desktop platform
  2. Find the playlist that you want to exclude from your taste profile and open its page
  3. Tap the three-dot icon directly below the playlist title and cover art
  4. Choose ‘Exclude from your taste profile.’

Notably, excluding playlists from your taste profile won’t affect the Home tab, and liked songs within those playlists will remain unaffected. If you change your mind and want to include a playlist in your recommendations, follow the same steps and select ‘Include in your taste profile’ instead.

This new feature is available to all Spotify users on the web, desktop, iOS, and Android apps. With over 489 million active users, Spotify is constantly updating and improving its platform to provide the best possible user experience. This new feature is a welcome addition to the music streaming experience, giving users more control over their personalized recommendations.

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