BeReal to Integrate with Spotify

BeReal to Integrate with Spotify, Allowing Users to Share Music and Podcasts

BeReal, the social media app that gained popularity in 2022, is adding a new feature to its platform that could enhance user experience. The app is working on a new integration with Spotify that will enable users to share the song or podcast they are listening to on Spotify with their BeReal followers.

Alessandro Paluzzi, a developer and app analyst, confirmed the news on Twitter, stating that users could reveal what they are listening to while sharing posts. The new feature will work with music and podcasts available on Spotify, automatically detecting the content and adding a link to it in the user’s BeReal post. The app will also notify users to take a real-time picture of what they’re doing to ensure their content’s authenticity.

The new feature is yet to be made available to the public, but screenshots have been released, indicating that it is under implementation in both BeReal’s iOS and Android apps. According to the reports, the integration will appear in the Settings just below the Memories page, and users can link their Spotify accounts with the music option.

BeReal is a social media app that aims to motivate users to share real moments from their lives, unlike traditional social media apps that promote filtered and edited content. The app was launched in 2020 and quickly became popular due to its innovative approach to social media. In 2022, BeReal was named App of the Year for iPhone by Apple, which described the app as an innovative platform that provides an authentic look into the lives of users’ families and friends.

Since its launch, BeReal has inspired other social media apps to copy its features, including Instagram’s Dual Camera and TikTok Now. The new Spotify integration is a step forward for BeReal and demonstrates the app’s commitment to providing an authentic and engaging user experience.

In conclusion, BeReal’s integration with Spotify will enable users to share their favorite music and podcasts with their followers, enhancing the social media experience for users. With the popularity of BeReal, it is likely that users will welcome the new feature, and we look forward to seeing what other innovative features BeReal has in store for its users in the future.

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